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Our “helping hands” provide you with help and guidance during every step of the real estate probate sale process from start to finish. We help you to navigate the legal system required by the probate court. We are a full service RE/MAX real estate firm providing extensive marketing andMultiple Listing Services, MLS, services in both probate and traditional real estate sales throughout Los Angeles County.

​​ I have over 10 years of experience as a real estate professional working with trusts and probate in attaining top dollar sales amounts for my client’s estates. I also have successfully released excessive impound accounts, removed liens, and prevented many foreclosures by personally negotiating with lending institutions and creditors for properties so that they could be sold.

Let us use our experience and knowledge to make the probate real estate process easier for you and your loved ones and help you achieve the results you deserve.


This is a difficult time for you. Choosing the right people to help you is paramount in importance in this process. Anybody can sell a house but who you choose will make all the difference in the process and outcome of this experience both emotionally and financially. Your loved ones are depending on you to make the right decisions. We are all available to assist you in providing you with the guidance and knowledge that you need in making those decisions.  

"An inheritance is a gift to be used  to pay for important things like a college education, a new home or a long awaited vacation. We make sure to get you the top dollar you deserve." 

Lauren Nemeschansky M.S., Realtor

Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist 

HAFA Certified Foreclosure Prevention                      Specialist 818-305-0029, 661-310-8215

Helping Hands Probate

Lauren Nemeschansky M.S., Realtor 

Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist 

818-305-0029, 661-310-8215